Why we do it!

... for Client banks 

Acquire more customers and grow your loan portfolios at less costs and risk creating a sustainable business with increased customer satisfaction and loyalty

We are all about opening up opportunities for economic growth in Africa in a post COVID world. Opening up financial service providers to the unbanked millions of Micro, Small and Medium sized Enterprises (MSMEs) that make up the agricultural sector.

We enable financial service providers grow their agriculture loan portfolios at less cost and lower risk thus creating for them a sustainable revenue stream with increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

We offer our client banks: 

  1. Remote, hassle free automated KYC data capture and integration 
  2. Real time monitoring of customer business performance 
  3. Intelligence on market and customer performance 
  4. Fast remote communication empowering customers 
  5. Secure optimized data storage and monitoring 
  6. Customer mentored peer exchange learning and networking

... for Agri MSME customers

Get access to finance growing your business and improving your financial management

We enable Micro, Small and Medium sized Enterprise along entire agriculture and food value chains improve their financial literacy and management to grow their businesses with loans from commercial financial service providers. 

We offer agri-MSMEs :

  1. Quick and easy loan access 
  2. Easy and simple digitization of business data
  3. 24/7 anytime access to banking services
  4. Affordable loans at competitive rates
  5. Tailored loan repayments to agriculture seasons
  6. Financial skills and business networking support