MPEX enabling financial inclusion in Africa's Agriculture sector

MPEX, in partnership with DFI's, offer a comprehensive support package, to local banks that are dedicated to expanding financial inclusion in Africa's Agriculture sector, at less cost, and risk.

The MPEX Digital Application, provides a real time communication bridge, for business performance information sharing between all players. Along with auto-generated seasonal loans, and chat tools, all driving down operational costs, and risks.

MPEX solves the biggest challenge to financing

The biggest challenge to financing the Agriculture sector that local banks face is that ALL players – SMEs, local banks and International finance partners operate in their own information silos.

Because International Finance partners and local banks have insufficient information on SME business performance and markets and SMEs are often financially illiterate.
As a result, EVERYONE experiences high credit risks and operational costs.
Our digital solution builds a communications bridge breaking the walls between SMEs, local banks and International finance providers.

MPEX provides African banks a new path to Agri-lending

MPEX technology provides African banks with a new path to Agriculture sector lending. With a fast time to market - go live in less than six weeks!!

Our Solution enables banks: 

  • Rapidly increase customer base by reaching the unbanked and underbanked Agri SMEs. 
  • Smartly grow Agriculture loan portfolio with tailored seasonal loans while reducing operational costs and Agri-lending risk through real-time monitoring of customer business performance. 
  • Increase trust and customer loyalty through cash flow-based repayment plans and in-app peer mentoring. 
  • Adopt robust, secure, cloud-based technology, embedded in existing digital systems to create a seamless customer experience. 
  • Scale up fast with credit facility support from our growing list of finance partners

Access financial services easily with the NEW MPEX application

The MPEX application enables all players in the agricultural sector operating far from bank branches easily access financial services from their mobile phones.

Open a bank account, analyse cash flow and borrowing needs, apply for seasonal operational loans, track and share key business data with the bank to guide borrowing and loan repayment.

Our App offers a simple, clear, easy to understand user interface and an intuitive user experience. Seamless integration between mobile and robust back-end portal for instant data transfer and collaboration.

Introduction to the mPEX pilot in Uganda

Interview with Clive Lightfoot CEO of mPEX on pilot project of mPEX new technology for financial inclusion development in Uganda with Centenary Bank.

Presentation of mPEX by James Weru and Clive Lightfoot shown at IBM Connect 2016 at the Opening General Session, explaining the challenges farmers in rual africa are facing and how "Mentored Peer Exchange" Learning from mPEX International and Software Created by WebGate can change the future.

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