How we do it!

Our mPEX app puts exceptional financial services at customers fingertips

Our technology puts exceptional financial services at the fingertips of financial service providers and their customers. Customers access financial services remotely through our simple, clear, easy to use mobile application. 

Self-service features allow account opening and loan application as well as tracking of business performance and cash flows. Cloud deployment allows real time data transfer between customer and their financial service provider.

mPEX administrative portal built on DigiWave Platform by SoftwareGroup

Customer management through a robust administrative portal provides a full suite of functions including logging and monitoring configurations, system alerts, access policy and roles and permissions management. 

SoftwareGroup’s trusted Digiwave banking platform ensures secure integration to core banking systems and SMS messaging as well as Social Media platforms and cloud deployment for scalability.

USER EXPERIENCE - A Simple customer-centric 4 step business experience for users 

Our technology offers Client banks and their SME customers a communication bridge for a simple, four step, customer-centric business experience. Starting with an automated process for acquiring customers via a downloadable App from Google Playstore. It moves on to a streamlined process for cash flow based lending and real time monitoring to enhance risk management. Networking provides mentored learning to further enhance customer financial literacy.