“I own a dairy-processing factory in my village. I have around six workers who help me. We produce Etwerere Super Yoghurts.”

“Our dairy lacks enough financing to venture into more production…I need to access funds to finance the following: equipment and machinery (like milk cans, milk coolers, milk testing kits, refrigerators etc)… so that I can venture into more value addition like ice cream and other dairy products.”

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“My name is Fatuma Gabeya. I am the secretary of Kwegatta G’emaanyi Youth Development Group. The youth group is comprised of 15 members and we started our business a year ago. We grow hard yams and cassava and add value to them by making the following products: chalk, dried yams, porridge and flour from which we make cakes.”

“We tried to get a youth loan but we were not successful. We don’t have enough funds to expand our business. We want to set up a vocational institute to train the youth to set up businesses like ours.”

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“My name is Angel Asasira a resident of Katosi central village in Katosi subcounty, Mukono district, where I run a silver fish business. After fishing I put the silver fish under the sun for a whole day…after drying the silver fish, I spice them, smoke them, and pack for selling.”

“We need to source for more funds to acquire: a van to help in the transportation; machinery for drying when the weather is poor so that we can have continuous production; and for other advanced machinery to help in the preserving of silver fish.”

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“We rear maggots (from the eggs of soldier flies) which we dry and grind to add to fish-feeds. We also farm earthworms; they secrete a substance that we collect and sell as a pesticide. Another of our products comes from snails whose shells are crushed for calcium and used in animal feed.”

“We want to be the best model entrepreneurs and innovators in Africa, build the capacity of farmers in practical agricultural value chains and promote youth engagement in agriculture.”

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“I’m afraid when it comes to acquiring loans, as the bank gives a very short payback period compared to how long it takes a farmer to start earning from their produce.”

“I would like to build up my mushroom business by widening my mushroom market to sell to hotels and markets and by acquiring a solar drier. I would then be able to dry my mushrooms so that they could last a longer period before they’re sold.“

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“In seasons where there is so much output of a certain product, customers demand less and low prices are charged. I need capital to enable me to set up a storage facility for my produce and to buy better equipment, such as a truck to transport my produce to the Kampala market.”

My name is Kizza Keffa. I am a multipurpose farmer dealing in coffee, maize, oranges and pawpaws on 15 acres of land. My farm is located in Kiteredde Village in Kayunga Sub-county.

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“AgriNet aims to be the leading grain processor in Eastern Uganda. Our objective is to be able to buy in enough stocks of raw material to process regularly, at a higher capacity (80%). The process of getting a loan takes a long time. This is a problem with seasonal timings, if by the time you get the loan it is too late and the season is gone.”

Paul Nyende Managing Director of AgriNet Uganda Ltd. in Tororo District, a grain processing company with a focus on maize, rice and soya bean

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“We have a lack of funds for: buying raw materials; machinery; improvements to housing and for setting up a wholesale outlet. I have never had a loan from a bank, as I think that the terms and conditions will be tight.”

Edrine Omoit, Manager of Rowoga Farm Supply Ltd. in Kavumba-Wakiso, poultry farm

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