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News from Bonde Soko

Moses Gichuru has found a new market for his Cassangano flour in Maralal, Samburu in Northern Kenya. Moses Gichuru, CEO of Bonde Soko, explains “The community that lives here are normadic pastoralists. The climate is harsh, these are arid and semi arid lands where there is high demand for cereal products like Cassangano flour. The shop in the photo is the main distributor shop, which supplies the small kiosks that dot this vast area.” Moses’ trip was very successful; he delivered 100 bales of flour (each bale is 12 kg) and has an order for 550 bales more. The pastoralists of Samburu have in the past been subsisting on livestock products. The new generation is demanding crop based products and since crop production is limited in these arid and semi arid lands the communities largely depend on purchased cereals, pulses and allied products.

The challenge now for Bonde Soko is keeping the supply and delivery chain regular. This means finance for the reserves of raw materials needed and operational costs such as mixing and filling the 13,200 packets ready for the next supply to Maralal.

This is what Moses Gichuru, network manager for Bonde Soko, has to say about mPEX/TSS:

“The first good thing about mPEX/TSS is transparency; I mean transparency for everybody who is involved in the business, starting with the buyer, the sellers, the transporter and all those in the middle. Everybody knows what is going on, there is nothing hidden under the table. We make all the disclosures: we buy at this price, we sell at that price, we have spent this much and the commission that we have got is this much because we facilitate the deal. Everybody along the
value chain is satisfied."

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