Increasing food security for Africa's low income consumers

We ensure secure and equitable food value chains from smallholder farmers through small and medium scale food processors all the way to low income consumers in Africa‘s growing towns and cities. „„


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Farmers want another 50 metal silos

Crowd Funding for TBM to continue with mPEX/TSS

Tanzania Biashara Mapema (TBM) is a company that uses the Transaction Security Service mPEX/TSS marketing model that gives fair prices to farmers, transparency, ethical sourcing and traceability. TBM has recently finished a highly successful pilot venture using 20 metal containers in which farmers stocked maize at harvest and were paid a cash advance (COB). Seven months later they sold the maize through TBM (using mPEX/TSS) and earned a huge bonus that almost doubled their incomes from maize. Now many farmers in that village want to continue with mPEX/TSS and metal containers. The Fund for African Rural Innovation Promotion FARIP ( has launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise money to loan to TBM to purchase another 50 silos along with the COB-funding for filling them. Farmers then want to pay for those silos within 2 years.

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 FARIP Flyer Metal Silos EN 2017-07.pdf

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