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Farmers want another 50 metal silos

Crowd Funding for TBM to continue with mPEX/TSS

Tanzania Biashara Mapema (TBM) is a company that uses the Transaction Security Service mPEX/TSS marketing model that gives fair prices to farmers, transparency, ethical sourcing and traceability. TBM has recently finished a highly successful pilot venture using 20 metal containers in which farmers stocked maize at harvest and were paid a cash advance (COB). Seven months later they sold the maize through TBM (using mPEX/TSS) and earned a huge bonus that almost doubled their incomes from maize. Now many farmers in that village want to continue with mPEX/TSS and metal containers. The Fund for African Rural Innovation Promotion FARIP ( has launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise money to loan to TBM to purchase another 50 silos along with the COB-funding for filling them. Farmers then want to pay for those silos within 2 years.

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 FARIP Flyer Metal Silos EN 2017-07.pdf

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