Increasing food security for Africa's low income consumers

We ensure secure and equitable food value chains from smallholder farmers through small and medium scale food processors all the way to low income consumers in Africa‘s growing towns and cities. „„


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Clive and David visited the Africa Tech Summit 2017

Africa Tech Summit, London. Clive commented “The feedback I got made it very clear to me that we've got a really great product in our mobile app tools. And we're working in a really exciting area as we mix FinTech with AgriTech. People really get our value proposition to SMEs and banks: SMEs can access finance to grow their business and the banks can de-risk and growth their loan portfolio. This was recognised by everybody as two significant value adds. Moreover, everyone loves that we're putting more money back into farmers’ pockets. That fair share of consumer prices is a huge value add, is very clear to people. People also appreciate the importance of the peer exchange business development support so that SMEs will be coached along to help them succeed not just be left on their own. People get the importance of investing in behaviour change.”

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