The photo showing the mPEX training of trainers’ workshop with our expert James Weaver for mPEX mentors and Centenary Bank loan officers, for the use of the seasonal business management tool.

Ssekiziyivu Atanansi (loan officer at Centenary Bank): “This is the way to go, as the bank is growing we (loan officers) also need to grow in the same direction. For our clients, some who borrow billions will appreciate this tool to help them to make realistic projections more easily, and the bank will understand the projections better with this tool. It will help the client and the bank to agree on the financing, repayments and the structuring of the facility.”


(2019-08-20 Kampala) The objective of the Pilot Project “mPEX APP” is to increase financial inclusion for the unbanked SMEs in the agriculture sector.

We are implementing an AATIF financed project to expand Financial Inclusion in Africa’s Agricultural Sector with Centenary Bank. We are developing a mobile phone application to link small/medium-scale sized enterprises in agriculture value chains with commercial banks. With our mobile app small/medium-scale sized enterprises can open an account, agree a seasonal operational loan, track and share key business and financial data with the bank to guide timely loan repayments. In addition we also provide a mentored peer exchange learning service through WhatsApp to support small/medium-scale sized enterprises use their mobile app effectively.