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Jacinta Namubiru manages AgriNet Uganda, a limited liability company registered in Uganda in 2008. She also manages AgriFeeds an agro-processing business in Tororo.





AgriNet Uganda Ltd.
AgriNet is a market access company. Its mission is to provide a reliable and efficient market bridge between small-scale farmers and high volume buyers who want a quality product. AgriNet’s values mean that smallholder farmers are their focus and get a price that is fair. All dealings are transparent to all parties involved. AgriNet keeps its promise of sourcing quality produce for its clients. AgriNet operates a network of local entrepreneurs providing agricultural market intelligence; transaction security service (TSS), product marketing, agro-processing and value addition. The market access network is supported by a team of technical and support staff.

Jacinta’s Networks
Jacinta Namubiru manages AgriNet’s agent network in Eastern Uganda. Her network is based in Tororo where she has 38 Information Board Managers who are also TSS Agents. She also oversees five managers with networks of agents in Acholi and Lango sub-regions in Northern Uganda. In the two sub-regions, AgriNet has 35 collection points with stores for around 10 mt, each with an agent who manages the collection.

Jacinta sources white sorghum, groundnuts, sunflower, maize, beans, simsim, cassava and soya beans from the AgriNet TSS networks in Eastern Uganda (Tororo, Busia, Mbale and Butaleja) and in Northern Uganda (Lira, Soroti, Oyam and Kole). Jacinta’s TSS agents connect to approximately 30,000 farmers.

2017 Deals and Projections
The approximate turnover for AgriNet in 2017 was $145,000 from sales of maize flour and bran ($87,000), milled rice ($31,000) and soya meal ($27,000). The main buyers that she supplies are local schools and supermarkets as well as many small vendor outlets. Jacinta also manages AgriNet’s sister company AgriFeeds which focuses on animal feeds. Now Jacinta is focusing on developing AgriNet’s agro- processing and value addition facility in Tororo. AgriNet sources maize, cassava and soya beans from its TSS networks in Eastern (Tororo, Busia, Mbale and Butaleja) and in Northern (Lira, Soroti, Oyam and Kole).

Jacinta Namubiru
Mobile: + 256 772 510 070


mpexexperience – uganda