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Bahat Tweve is the Managing Director of Tanzania Biashara Mapema Network Services (TBM). Bahat has been working in Agricultural Marketing since 2004 and has played an integral part in the development of the Transaction Security Service (TSS) marketing model. The TBM network uses this model, which gives fair prices to farmers, transparency, ethical sourcing and traceability.

Tanzania Biashara Mapema Network Services
TBM is a market access network, which aims to link small-scale farmers to better markets, and to provide affordable food products to low-income consumers. It was registered in 2010 and is located in the Southern Highlands, Mufindi district, Iringa Region, Tanzania.

Transaction Security Services: Sharing the earnings
„TSS“, a disruptive contract-management along the entire value-chain has been developed by mPEX staff in central Tanzania. Both, producers and traders share the earnings when goods are being sold in bottom-of-the-pyramid shops to low-income consumers in towns. „TSS“ – Transaction Security Services – is the business case of Tanzania Biashara Mapema, one of the SMB partners whose ventures farip, where some of mPEX staff is working, supports. An interesting game-changing approach to agriculture marketing. Read more about TSS..

Value Chains and Services
TBM’s main value chains are beans, sunflower, maize, round potatoes, dry peas, finger millet and wheat. TBM has been working on a successful pilot to test a business model for using metal silos for the storage of grains for food security and better profits for smallholder farmers. This is part of TBM’s service to its farmer groups.

Links to Farmers’ Groups and Markets
TBM is working with around 50 groups of farmers in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania; each group has not less than 50 members. TBM is also working in the central provinces of Tanzania:  Babati in Manyara Region, and Gairo, Kilosa and Ifakara in Morogoro Region. TBM has agents in the following markets within the country: Makambako (Central market); Dar es Salaam (Sambusa market); Tunduma Border  (Sumbawanga bus stand); Zanzibar (Bwawani market); Dodoma (Central market).

TBM works with a team of ladies in Magunguli. They are paid per kg for processing raw beans delivered by farmers into clean, dry beans in branded plastic bags. TBM delivers these to small urban shops selling to the fast growing number of urban consumers. In this way the team of ladies and the farmers earn more for their beans. TBM plans to replicate this business model in all the villages where it operates.

TBM plans to add value to maize by processing it into “Dona”, whole grain maize flour that due to its nutritional value is in demand in Tanzanian urban centers. TBM will organize for clean dry local maize to be milled, packaged and sold (as branded whole-grain flour) directly to the many small urban shops that are catering to low-income consumers. TBM wants to run this business, which will allow farmers to earn more for their maize, bring income to the millers, and nutritious flour that is of proven origin to urban low-income consumers.

TBM markets potatoes through small roadside businesses selling potato chips, and at local markets.

Bahat Kandidussi Tweve
Tanzania Biashara Mapema Network
P.O Box 347, Magunguli
Mobile +255-754-829-751
Email bahattweve@yahoo.com

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