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Moses Gichuru is the Managing Director of Bonde Soko Services. Moses has been working in agricultural marketing since 2007.





Bonde Soko Services
is a market access company registered in 2009 and located in Nakuru, Kenya. It aims to link small-scale farmers to better markets and to provide affordable food products to low income consumers. Bonde Soko uses the Transaction Security Service (TSS) marketing model, which gives fair prices to farmers, transparency, ethical sourcing and traceability.

Value Chains
Bonde Soko’s main value chains are cassava, sorghum, wheat and pulses.

  • Cassava: We are working with around 2,000 small-scale farmers. In Kenya our groups are: Basi Mwangaza in Kilifi; Subaron Coop in Homa Bay and Kilifi prisons. In Uganda we are working with Kyere cooperative in Soroti. We have four collection centres with one agent in each. We supply the following processors: Smart Logistics, Mummy Foods and Kemwa Foods. We also source for our own processing centre for Cassangano branded flour.
  • White Sorghum: In partnership with Food Chain Miller and East African Maltings, we are working with around 1,000 contracted small-scale farmers in Solai in Nakuru and Kinamba in Laikipia. We have six collections centres each with an agent. Our buyer is East African Breweries.
  • Wheat: We source from 500 farmers (for Cassangano flour) from Mau-Narok and Nairutia and Timau in Meru. We have three collections centres with three agents who source for our Cassangano production.
  • Pulses: We source pigeon peas, cow peas, green grams, lentils, red, black, and kidney beans from 300 farmers in Northern Uganda, Meru and Ukambaani in Kenya. We have four collections centres and eight agents. Our buyers are Bunda Cake, Nakuru.

2015 Deals
Bonde Soko’s approximate figures for trading in 2015 were as follows: 600 mt cassava with a value of US$ 150,000; 200 mt sorghum (US$ 66,000); 30 mt wheat (US$ 900); 210 mt pulses (US$ 100,000).
In 2016 Boko Soko started up a processing unit for wheat and cassava blended flour with the brand name of Cassangano. Our market research found that many families could not afford wheat flour and therefore we saw a market opportunity for an affordable and nutritious blended flour. This also provided a market for farmers’ cassava flour. After successfully introducing the Cassangano products to the BOP market in 2016, since 2017 this has now become Bonde Soko’s sole business.

Moses Gichuru
Mobile: + 254 722 343 166


mpexexperience – kenya