mpexcompany – shareholders

Roman Weber on Linked-inRoman Weber, Board Chair and one of the four founders of mPEX International, is a Swiss national and has more than 30 years of experience in the IT and consulting industry. Apart to his work for mPEX International, he is the passionate CEO of WebGate Consulting AG, a modern and dedicated Swiss based IT company.

Dr. Clive Lightfoot (CEO) a British national is an Agricultural scientist and social entrepreneur with over thirty years of Clive Lightfoot on Linked-inexperience in Africa and Asia. His work focussed on smallholder farming systems research and development and the creation of business opportunities for rural entrepreneurs in agriculture and food processing.

Ueli Scheuermeier on Linked-inUlrich Scheuermeier (Director Learning) a Swiss national is an Agriculturalist and social entrepreneur with over thirty years of experience in rural enterprise development specialising in peer-exchange learning among smallholder farmers and value chain players.

Peter Luder on Linked-inDr. Peter Luder (Director Technology) a Swiss national brings an economics research background and over thirty years experience pioneering ‘user led’ programming in software development, ERP systems and cloud collaboration solutions.

Martin Muheim on Linked-inMartin Muheim (Director Marketing) a Swiss national brings a Social Sciences background and has a proven record as IT Business Consultant for 20 years in IT Infrastructure, Cloud Outsourcing and Software Development projects.

mpexcompany – shareholders