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David Martin Kayondo on Linked-inDavid Martin Kayondo, MBA MSc (Oxon) is Business Development and Investment Consultant for mPEX International with global executive experience in Financial Services, Technology and Telecoms industries, and public sector consulting. Founder of Goldswans Group specialising in advisory, investment and enterprise focused on Africa’s sustainable development, he has expertise in private equity transactions, M&A integration and due diligence.

Roy Yiga, MPA, Country Manager for mPEX International with experience in Telecom, designing, implementing and managing projects targeting SMEs, Women in Business and Young Entrepreneurs. A proven manager with the ability to analyse issues, devise and incorporate business process initiatives to increase efficiency. Experience in Telecom, agriculture and petroleum as a sales, marketing, distribution and mobilisation expert.

James Weaver, BS, Banking Consultant for mPEX International, has over thirty years’ experience in commercial and investment banking and consulting, providing corporate and public project financing and consulting services in risk management, institutional assessment, bank product development, and training. James has twenty-four years’ experience in Asia and Africa in banking and development projects.

Anne Dennig on Linked-inAnne Dennig, M.Ed, Educational Consultant for mPEX International with fifteen years of experience working with local learning projects in East Africa, driven by lesson learning through the sharing of impact stories. Anne supports local entrepreneurs to capture the impact of their experiences, documenting their successes, challenges and lessons learned.

mpexcompany – consultants