mPEX International is a Financial Inclusion Services Company in the Agricultural Sector.

Founded in 2017 by Clive Lightfoot and Ulrich Scheuermeier from UK based RAVInvest with Roman Weber from Swiss based WebGate and later by Peter Luder and Martin Muheim following fifteen years of collaboration in developing peer exchange learning (LLL) and transaction security (TSS) cloud technology solutions for rural entrepreneurs in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

mPEX was set up to seize an opportunity that emerged from its experiences with TruTrade Ltd, a company RAVI incorporated in Kenya and Uganda to provide fair and secure transactions for all players in food value chains. In 2015 and 2016 TruTrade facilitated over 464 transactions, earned $711K in gross sales, worked with more than 5,568 farmers, and created 5 local companies with a network effect of 1,372 new jobs. These experiences revealed potential for social impact and that greater scale and commercial return could be realised if our technologies were accessed on mobile phones and our business operations focussed on facilitating access to finance of small and medium scale food processors.

mPEX founders concluded that financial inclusion for SMEs in the African agriculture and food sector was an opportunity of such size that only a company dedicated to that purpose would succeed. The overwhelmingly positive response from around two thousand software businesses who heard our presentation at the opening general session of IBM’s Connect 2016 in Florida, confirmed our conclusion.

mPEX International GmbH was duly registered on the 21st September 2017 in Zurich as CHE-324.187.155 with offices at

  • mPEX International GmbH
    Riedstrasse 3, CH-8953 Dietikon, Switzerland
  • mPEX International
    HBT Russell, Namanda Plaza, Kampala, Uganda, +256 757 20440


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