More baseline stories.. (2019-09-04) Value addition for dried vegetables: mPEX meets Apollo Kabalaazi and wants to see other value-add groups in Mukono. More baselines stories on our EXPERIENCE page.

mPEX International Will Partner With Software Group To Advance Financial Inclusion In Uganda’s Agricultural Sector.
(2019-06-03) mPEX International, a financial inclusion services company in the African agricultural sector, will partner with Software Group, a global technology company specialized in digitalization and integration solutions for financial service providers, to advance financial inclusion in Uganda’s agricultural sector. The project will include the design and implementation of a mobile app that will help small and medium agricultural enterprises (SMEs), plan their financing needs and manage flows of stock and cash to reduce the risk of loan default. Read the press release of Software Group.

Digitization of financial data
(Kampala, 2019-05-28) This week our software partner Software Group made great progress collecting information from Centenary Bank to build an App for mPEX. The App will help SMEs in the agricultural sector with their business management and to become more reliable partners for banks. The digitization of financial data aims for greater efficiency and will save much time for both SMEs and the bank.

Our KPI as of 2019-09-17

Our Vision is sustainable inclusion for the unbanked in Africa’s agricultural sector. Our Mission is to achieve transparency and collaboration among banks, SMEs, and key players in Africa’s agricultural value chains. Our Technology makes opening a bank account, applying for a loan, and tracking business and financial performance, simpler and easier for both Small/Medium-Scale Enterprises (SMEs) and banks. Our services combine mobile app tools with mentored peer exchange business support.

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